After my career with GROM ended, I decided to share my memories in the form of books. So far, I wrote and published four books: ‘Surviving Belize’, ‘You Snooze, You Lose’, ‘The Gulf’ and ‘Camp Pozzi’. I am also a columnist in the monthly military magazine ‘Polska Zbrojna’ and the American web portal NEWSERP.

Meetings with readers

When meeting my readers, I often tell army stories that for various reasons did not make it into my books. I answer questions, advise how to become a soldier of an elite military unit, and share my ideas on how to get satisfaction from life.  

My Books

Przetrwać Belize
Przetrwać Belize (Surviving Belize)
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Ostatnich Gryza Psy - Naval

Ostatnich Gryzą Psy (You snooze, you lose)
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Zatoka - Naval
(The Gulf)
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